Nungnung Waterfall Ubud - Bali's best waterfall

How To Visit Nungnung Waterfall In Bali – Full Travel Guide [How To Get There and When To Visit]

Nestled in the lush tropical north of Bali, Nung Nung Waterfall stands as a hidden gem waiting to be explored and should be on every Bali must-do itinerary.

Located in the calm village of Plaga, approximately 35 kilometers north of Ubud, this stunning waterfall is yet to be discovered by large tourist groups and influencers.

With its impressive height of 50 meters, Nung Nung Waterfall cascades powerfully into a picturesque gorge surrounded by dense greenery and vibrant flora.

Arriving at the base of the waterfall, visitors are greeted by light rays shining through the tropical jungle and misty spray, creating a movie-like scene.

The journey to Nung Nung Waterfall is an adventure in itself, and therefore, we will outline all the info you need to make the most out of your visit to one of the top 3 waterfalls in Bali:

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Where is Nungnung Waterfall located?

Nungnung waterfall, in Indonesian better known as Air Terjun Nungnung, is approximately 45 kilometers north of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, and about 35 kilometers from the popular tourist area of Ubud.

The waterfall is part of the Petang District in the Badung Regency of northern Bali but can be reached by day trip from both southern cities.

Alternatively, Nungnung waterfall can also be visited from Munduk (roughly 43km away), situated right in the heart of North Bali region, Indonesia.

Home to tropical forests and rice terraces, Munduk is a popular choice amongst travellers who would like to explore more of the region’s hidden gems afterwards.


Nungnung Waterfall is not as popular as other waterfalls in Bali, therefore, there is only little information on the internet on how to reach this little piece of paradise.

To get there, you can choose between two options: rent your own scooter or hire a private driver.

Hiring a private driver is a convenient option, allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenic journey.

This can be arranged through hotels or local tour operators for around USD 55$ per day.

It is our recommended option if you have never driven a scooter in your life before and would like to tick of several places in a day without worrying about anything.

Pro-Tip: sometimes it is even worth asking your last Grab driver that you trust if he is willing to make the journey with you for a better price.

Many drivers will give you a better price as they want to avoid the costly commission fees of Grab or Gojek.

For the adventurous, renting a scooter or motorbike provides the most flexibility and an immersive experience.

The road is paved but please ensure you are comfortable with Bali’s traffic and road conditions before opting for this mode of transport.

Scooters can be hired from any of the main tourist hubs on the island. Rates always vary within the specific areas.

Generally speaking, a 125cc brand new Honda can be rented for 450k IDR per week (USD 28.14$) or 90000 IDR per day (USD 5.63$, higher rate for 1 day rental) as of June, 2023.

Text Gusti on Whatsapp +6282340186448 for the newest and cheapest bikes in Ubud.

We are not affiliated with him but got our vario scooter for only 400k IDR per week (USD 25.01$) with a full tank of fuel and phone holder + 2 helmets.

The directions below are based on renting a scooter and riding to Nungnung Waterfall by yourself.

The roads are scenic and easy to drive on with a scooter (it is also the quickest way possible):

Starting from Denpasar (45km 1.5h-2h):

  • Take the Jalan Gatot Subroto Barat road heading northwest
  • Continue on Jalan Raya Sangeh towards the town of Sangeh
  • Pass through Sangeh, and continue towards Petang on Jalan Raya Petang
  • From Petang, follow the signs to Nungnung Waterfall

Starting from Ubud (35km 1h):

  • Head northwest on Jalan Raya Ubud
  • Follow this road through the multiple rice terraces, a scenic route worth a brief stop
  • Drive until you hit jl. Nugurah Rai Rd and stay on this road for approx. 30 mins until you reach the village of Petang
  • Now in Petang, continue to follow signs for 15mins directing you to Nungnung Waterfall

Starting from Canggu, Seminyak or Kuta (45km 1.15h):

  • Head north past Mengwi towards the village of Sangeh
  • Follow this road before joining jl. Nugurah Rai road towards Nungnung
  • From here stay on jl. Nugurah Rai road for about 30 mins until you arrive in the village of Petang,
  • In Petang, follow the signs leading you to Nungnung waterfall for about 15mins.
  • Park at Nungnung parking lot right after the ticketing office for 5000IDR (USD 0.31$)
Nungnung waterfall swimming and natural pool

How much is the entrance fee for Nungnung Waterfall?

As of 2024, the entrance fee to Nungnung Waterfall is approximately IDR 20,000 per person. This translates to roughly USD 1.25$.

There is also a parking fee of IDR 5000 (USD 0.31$) per vehicle.

Fees may vary slightly, so it’s a good idea to have some extra small denominations of Indonesian Rupiah on hand.

The fee helps maintain the site such as a free restroom and food shop at the entrance.

Nungnung Waterfall Opening Hours

The official opening hours of Nungnung Waterfall are 9 AM – 4 PM daily, however with no gates, we made our way down to the waterfall before 9am.

If you visit the waterfall before 9am, the ticketing booth will likely be stilll closed.

Therefore, make sure to pay your remaining entry fee at the ticketing booth after coming back up the stairs.

What is the best time to visit Nungnung Waterfall?

Best time of the year

Generally speaking, the best time of the year to visit Nungnung waterfall is from the start of May till the end of June.

During this time of the year, you are almost guaranteed that the waterfall is flowing in a nice powerful stream.

The pond at the base of the waterfall will be perfect to swim in and there will be almost no spray from the force of the waterfall, making it easy to get up close and take awesome pictures.

The sunrises and weather conditions are at its best during these months, providing you with plenty of sunshine and almost no clouds.

Being the dry season in Bali, the only downfall might be the increasing number of tourists exploring the waterfall, hence, make sure to visit the waterfall early in the morning.

We visited Nungnung waterfall at the end of the wet season in Bali (end of March) but couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

We visited for sunrise and had the waterfall all to ourselves for almost 5 hours.

The water from the pond was flowing heavily which made it impossible to swim but the gorge was covered in mist, creating this lush tropical vibe with the golden sunlight hitting the waterfall.

It’s an epic time of the year for photography as the waterfall is truly majestic and powerful.

If you want to avoid the crowds and you are not an early riser, then this is the time of the year to visit but make sure to bring a rain coat and a waterproof bag for your camera gear.

The best time of the day

As already mentioned before, the best time to visit Nungnung waterfall is around 7-9 am.

This gurantees that you will have the waterfall almost to yourself and have plenty of photo opportunities before the crowds arrive.

During this time of the day, the lighting is very soft, making it perfect for the smooth instagram shots everyone is after.

Nungnung waterfall steps – the hike to the waterfall

Challenging paths often lead to the most beautiful destinations and this is definitely true for Nungnung waterfall.

To get down to the base, one must hike more than 250 steep steps which can be slippery due to the mist.

The hike down takes around 15 minutes to complete and is very scenic with thick jungle and beautiful views along the way.

Once you are 5 minutes away, you can hear the roaring sound of the waterfall and a truly stunning sight begins to unfold.

Take a moment and relax when you first arrive as the spray of the waterfall, the light hitting the gorge and the tropical setting are absolutely stunning.

Before the very base of the waterfall, there is a little bridge helping you to get to the other side (where I positioned Agnes for photos).

Otherwise, you can go to the base and enjoy a cold dip or take photos.

Now to the exhausting part: the hike up will make your legs burn like they are on fire.

Take your time going up and make sure to stop every once in a while for a drink.

After about 30 minutes you made it! You are back at the entrance gate with plenty more memories and sore legs.

Now it’s time to visit the warung at the Nungung waterfall parking lot and replenish your water intake with some tasty cold coconuts for only IDR 25000 (USD 1.56$).

Can you swim in Nungnung waterfall?

Yes, you can swim in the pool at the base of Nungnung Waterfall in the dry season.

It is typically safe and there are no strong currents present. The water is typically cool and refreshing, especially after the hike down.

We recommend to wear water shoes or sandals with good grip to navigate the rocky and sometimes slippery terrain around the pool.

If you’re not a strong swimmer or are visiting with children, exercise extra caution and stay in the shallower areas.

Word of warning: please DO NOT attempt to swim here in the wet season!

There can be hidden rocks underwater and the water is flowing very fast, making it possible for you to drown.

There are very strong currents created by the force of the waterfall.

The closer you are to the waterfall, the stronger the current.

Tips & Tricks for Photography and Instaworthy shots

  • arrive before 8am to have no people in your shots
  • take a waterproof bag with you for protection from the spray and mist
  • bring a microfiber towel to wipe your lens from the spray (your shirt will be saturated in 2 mins)
  • position your subject on the left side of the gorge on the rocks (use the bridge) and stay on the right side when taking photos
  • fly you drone with caution, there is no GPS and crashing is a very common occurence for the locals that rescue drones on a daily basis
  • visit 1 hour after sunrise for the best lighting

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